Collection: Herbelin

Since 2020, HERBELIN has been managed by Maxime and Mathieu Herbelin, the founder's grandsons, as well as two key members, Ce?dric Gomez-Montiel and Benjamin Theurillat. Remaining faithful to the tradition and innovation that have marked the brand's history, they are now looking to the future and beginning a new chapter, one in which this great name in French watchmaking will shine more brightly than ever.

Michel Herbelin was determined to become a watchmaker against all the odds. His parents, who were local shop owners, wanted him to take over their business. He decided to follow his passion and study watchmaking. Then, in 1947, he decided to start his own watchmaking factory, reflecting the demand for perfection advocated by Michel Herbelin.

The very first timekeepers were branded 'Impec'. In 1965 Impec watches became Michel Herbelin.